Exhaust Fans RIL 150

RIL 150

RIL 150

The ProVent Series of in-line mixed-flow fans have been specifically designed for ducted supply or exhaust air applications.
There are 6 models in the range matching standard duct sizes from 100 to 200mm diameter.



High performance mixed-flow Impeller.
Models 150SW and 200SW include an external mounted 2-speed switch.
Models 150TSW and 200TSW include a 1-30 minute adjustable run-on timer and external mounted 2-speed switch.
Fans can be removed for maintenance or repair without disturbing the duct system via specially designed support brackets.
Integrated mounting foot makes installation easier.
All models include plug and lead for easy installation.
Can be mounted in any position.

The housings are of reinforced, injection moulded polypropylene plastic.
The mixed-flow impellers are of injection moulded plastic.

Type – 2-speed, squirrel cage, capacitor run.
Electricity supply – 230V, single-phase, 50Hz.
Class B insulation, IP44.
Bearings – sleeve for RIL-100 and RIL-125, ball for all other models.
Speed-controllable using VA type speed controller in high speed setting only.
The RIL-150TSW and RIL-200TSW cannot be speed controlled.

Internal Thermal Protection
By fuse to size 125 and for all other models manual-reset thermal overload protection device in accordance with mandatory requirement for in-duct fans AS/NZS60335-2-80:2004

Air flow to ISO5801:Part1, 1997
Noise to BS848:Part 2, 1985
Meets requirements of AS/NZS60335-2-80:2004

Special Note
Timer models RIL-150TSW and RIL-200TSW include a plug and lead to suit HPM 4 pin socket.
Avoid the use of spring-loaded backdraft dampers, extensive lengths of duct and air valves with the RIL-100 and RIL-125 models.

Suggested Specification
The in-line fans shall be of the ProVent Series as supplied by Fantech Pty Ltd and be of the model numbers shown on the schedule/drawings.
Impellers shall be of mixed-flow design and driven by a single-phase motor. Internal thermal protection shall be by fuse on 100 and 125mm spigot models and by manual-reset on 150 and 200mm models.
It shall include an integral mounting foot, plug and lead and specially designed support brackets to enable motor removal.
All fans shall be fully tested to ISO5801: Part1, 1997 for air flow and BS848:Part 2, 1985 for noise.

Technical Data – RIL-150SW

Setting Speed [rps] Avg. dBA @ 3m kWatts (Input) Amps Max.°C Approx. Weight [kg]
Lo 36 38 0.044 0.19 60 2.7
Hi 42 42 0.05 0.22 60 2.7

Sound Data

Setting Type 63 125 250 500 1K 2K 4K 8K
Lo Inlet 50 50 57 57 56 53 46 38
Lo Outlet 56 49 56 56 57 54 47 39
Lo Breakout 41 43 51 44 46 46 34 24
Hi Inlet 54 54 61 61 60 57 50 42
Hi Outlet 60 53 60 60 61 58 51 43
Hi Breakout 45 47 55 48 50 50 38 28


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