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Are you looking for the best lighting designer in Sydney? You can stop now, here at Light Up Kingsford you will not only find the best lighting designer in Sydney but you will also find an entire team ready to assist you and help you optimise lighting and power consumption in your place. We understand that the best solutions a lighting designer in Sydney can offer, can successfully adapt to different scenarios, that is the superior level of customisation we can offer when someone decides to use the best products a lighting designer in Sydney can supply.

We supply, hands down, products you can find as well as the specialised lighting designer in Sydney the greatest picture lights in Sydney so you can consistently improve any area while bringing down the impact you do to the environment. We understand that top notch products from a professional lighting designer in Sydney can be the contrast between having a well-lit environment and having an area that requires additional lamps to work properly. With our superior lighting products, and the efficiency of our lighting designer in Sydney, you will discover a world of possibilities regarding lighting optimisation and bringing down power bills and your environmental footprint as well.

We invest heavily in being the suppliers of first rate lighting solutions and the first place that comes to the mind of our customers when they need a professional lighting designer in Sydney that truly stands apart as the right professional for properly planning lighting in any kind of area. We have a team of professionals who truly comprehend the significance of saving our potential for decreasing the effect we have on the environment effectively and they will successfully help you through the efficiency of our dedicated lighting designer in Sydney. We are the best choice when it comes to lighting solutions!

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You’ll find accredited lighting consultants in our store who are experts and have a wealth of product knowledge.

We also offer an on location lighting design service where an expert will come to your home and work with you to design your perfect lighting plan. This service is also available in every store free of charge.

The best Products from around the world

We source the best lighting products from around the world and are constantly keeping our range up to date with the latest styles, trends and innovations, ensuring our range offers the most up-to-date designs and energy efficient ideas.

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